12 Attractive Men’s Short Beard Styles For 2021

men’s short beard style

In this post, we will show you 12 attractive men’s short beard styles that will not only make you look nice but make you fashionable as well.

We know sometimes that it can seem like you’re the only one who can’t grow a full thick beard and that every beard is “perfect”.

However, beards can come in a variety of sizes, shapes, or thicknesses. Now is the time to appreciate what you have and find which styles suit you best. 

No matter if your beard is full in the middle, without any hair on the sides, or if it’s patchy, or if you just don’t like a full beard on your face, this post will show you how to pick the best men’s short beard styles that suits you. 

A short beard is suitable for any man looking to look stylish and fashion-forward in these times of serious resurgence for facial hair. 

Finding your ideal style is all it takes. Fortunately, there are tons of options available to all men wishing to take pride in the way they look.

Here are 12 attractive men’s short beard styles in 2021 for you.

1. Chin Goatee

A chin goatee is a small, concentrated cluster of hair at the base of the chin, similar to a Billy Goat’s beard, and should never be connected to a mustache.

A celebrity that has rocked this style is Cristiano Ronaldo.

2. Short Boxed Beard

Short boxed beards are just shortened versions of long beards. An ideal length is about three-quarters of an inch. 

A great summer beard style, it is exceptionally versatile. It looks great with virtually any hairstyle, including bald or shaved heads.

Also, a short boxed beard may be easier to maintain and more workplace friendly than a full beard.

men’s short beard styles

3. The 3-Day Stubble Beard

With the 3-day stubble, you can achieve the rugged look you desire without the time and effort of maintaining a full beard

Short beards shaven with stubble look simple, easy, yet stylish. 

You should maintain a consistent length and shaved neck to avoid appearing that you forgot to shave. Feel free to add some fades to the edges if you’re feeling energetic.


Furthermore, the 3-day stubble is great for someone who is generally clean-shaven and is trying out facial hair for the first time.

4. Van Dyke Beard

In general, a Van Dyke is a mustache and goatee growing together, with the cheek hair shaved.

Although this particular style has many variations, including curled and non-curled mustaches, and soul patches, and no soul patches.

Van Dyck and a number of the sitters he painted, including King Charles I of England, wore this style. 

Colonel Sanders of KFC and Russian Marxist revolutionary Vladimir Lenin have both worn the Van Dyke style.

5. Landing Strip

Landing strip goatees consist of a sparsely woven line of hair extending from the bottom of the lip down the chin.

This style is appropriate if you have no hair on your chin or cheeks, but only below your lips.

men’s short beard styles

As a result, David Villa in his early career carved out his own unique beard style with the landing strip style.

6. Beardstache

In the movie Mission: Impossible – Fallout, Henry Cavill wore a handsome beardstache in sensational style. 

Even though this is a unique and masculine beard, you do not have to be a movie star to rock it. 

As the name suggests, this style is a short boxed beard with cheeks, jaw, and chin trimmed shorter than the mustache.

As a result, the mustache can be distinguished clearly from the beard. Regularly trim the beard section and use beard oil to maintain the additional length in your ‘stache.

men’s short beard styles

7. The Anchor 

This style features a strip of hair running from the bottom of the lip to the chin, then extending to the sides along the jawline.

8. The Balbo

Make your look more classy with the balbo. Balbo is a two-part beard, typically with a goatee and disconnected mustache. 

In a similar fashion to the Van Dyke, this style is excellent if you have patchiness around the sides of your mouth where the beard and mustache meet. 

men’s short beard styles

Robert Downey Jr. and Justin Timberlake are known to wear this look.

9. Mutton Chops

Old-fashioned short-beard styles like Mutton Chops date back to the mid-19th century.

A mutton chop can either be neat and stylish or wild and crazy, depending on how it’s styled. 

Despite its long length, this short beard style leaves the chin bare and extends to the sideburns down the jaw until joining a mustache. 

men’s short beard styles

Mutton chops should be kept neat by trimming it short and regularly tidying up around the cheeks and neckline.

This is a confident style that requires an equally confident personality to pull it off.

10. Chevron

The chevron mustache was worn by Freddie Mercury; this style looks great on most face shapes. 

men’s short beard styles

There are three main characteristics of this short beard style: it covers the entire top lip, it has a natural shape, and it has a decent thickness. 

If you are styling it for the first time, you should angulate the hair slightly toward the ends and trim along the top of the upper lip. 

You will leave the rest of your face clean-shaven. 

11. Chin Strap Beard

chin strap beard

With a chin strap beard, you can accentuate your chiseled jawline. 

This style of beard consists of a strip of hair under the chin that runs from one sideburn to another. 

Your preference will determine its thickness. 

However, it should not be so high that it covers the entire chin and jawline. 

The chin strap beard is often accompanied by sharp edges, and you can wear it without or with a mustache. 

There are many celebrities who have worn this style, including Stormzy, and Lewis Hamilton.

12. Royal Beard

A royal beard is created by combining a mustache and chin strip. 

Chin strips are sections of hair that run vertically down your chin, and they can be as thick or as thin as you like. It is best to have a classic mustache when it comes to mustaches. 

The mustache and the strip should be balanced in thickness so that they complement each other. 

It is important to keep the cheeks and neck smooth so the unique style is not compromised.

Similar to the Van Dyke short beard style, this is the best choice for those who have patchier hair growth.

men’s short beard styles

Final Thoughts

What is the most attractive men’s short beard styles?

It is very easy to enhance your appearance with facial hair as it can really highlight your features. 

Choosing the right men’s short beard style and determining which one is the most attractive depends on the shape of your face. 

There is no guarantee that what looks great on one man will look great on you. Until you find the look that suits you, don’t be afraid to experiment and try different styles that work for you.

How can I make my short beard look good? 

No matter what style you choose, maintaining your beard is one of the best ways to make it look good. 

To maintain this, you should groom it regularly and be sure to keep it neat. A short beard needs a lot of care. 

It is also a good idea to invest in a good beard oil or balm to prevent irritation and keep your beard skin hydrated.

What is the best length for a short beard? 

For your short beard, you really need to choose what length works best for your style, but in general, you want something around three-quarters of an inch or shorter. 

In some styles, a shorter length may be better, while others may require a little bit more length.

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