How to Grow Beard Longer In 2021

how to grow beard longer

Why Is Everyone Talking About How To Grow A Beard Longer?

Here it is…

The process of growing a beard longer is entirely different from the process of playing around with one that is short or medium in length.

By long beard, I mean one that is at least six months old and has grown into a beard the length of Eric Rowan, which is longer than 10 inches.

A normal beard of 1 to 8 inches in size, which comes naturally to most beardsmen, is not the same as caring for a beard of that size, which requires time, knowledge, and effort.

Several reasons account for why some men struggle to properly grow a long beard.

Many men tend to eliminate their beards too soon once the itchiness has become so severe that they shave or trim their beards too early.

This, coupled with a poor diet and ineffective skincare practices, leaves the facial hair appearing thinner and weaker.

While this article is primarily written for men who want to grow a beard longer, many of the tips are effective for anyone growing facial hair.

Discover 7 Ways to Grow your Beard Longer.

1. Resist the Temptation to Trim

Evidently, not everyone believes this. 

However, if you do not have any serious reason to trim your neck or cheek lines, you should not bother. 

Trimming can always be done later; your first goal should be to grow out as much as you can to build a solid beard base and to fully see the full potential of it! 

The first thing you need to master if you’re going to have a nice long beard is this… 

Do not trim it early. 

If you haven’t reached about 10-inches in length, you shouldn’t even try shaping it.

One of the worst mistakes you can make is trimming your neckline. 

With a shorter beard style, it’s fine to clean up the neckline of your beard, and it will generally improve how your facial hair looks. 

During the growth of a long beard, long neck hair accounts for most of its volume.

Although, many tips are available on the internet about trimming a beard. Additionally, they say you should keep your neckline clean. 

When you see this, you might think it is something you should do when growing a thicker and longer beard. 

It might surprise you just how many guys with longer beards believe that it is best to stop messing with your neckline completely.

2. Utilize Beard Oil From an Early Age

how to grow beard longer

Men who have a serious desire to grow a beard start using the best beard oil from the very beginning. 

In addition to moisturizing your facial hair and skin underneath, beard oil also eliminates beard itching and dandruff. 

The use of beard products is not affected by beard length, but by facial hair presence.

Keep your beard in good condition early on and you’ll thank yourself later on. If you want your beard to grow to its fullest potential, it has to be properly maintained. 

From the very beginning, apply beard oil. In this way, you will have a softer, healthier beard and prevent excessive itching. You can use Beardoholic Beard Oil (we recommend it)

Choosing beard oils made with natural ingredients is the best way to grow a beard longer. 

If you’re interested in growing your beard longer and thicker, choose a beard oil that includes jojoba oil. 

Jojoba oil is characteristically similar to the natural sebum produced by your skin, so it will make your beard look fuller and thicker as time goes on.

3. Keep your Beard Well-brushed

The bigger the beard is, the more dirt, dust, and junk it attracts, and the harder it is for the dead skin cells to be naturally removed. 

By using a beard brush, your beard will be properly maintained without having to wash it constantly, as well as gently exfoliating the skin without a beard shampoo being required. 

A daily brushing coupled with the use of Beard Oil can effectively train the beard hair to fall in the desired direction, ensuring an even beard that is not subject to trimming as the beard matures.

4. Hydrate Well and Eat Healthily

how to grow beard longer

The only way to grow a longer beard is to drink half your weight in water every day and eat well. 

Getting enough water into your body will help your body get rid of toxins. Half your body weight in ounces is considered to be enough. 

This will make your skin hydrated, resulting in a smoother and thicker beard. Although this may seem like common sense, you would be surprised at how many men ignore it.

A protein filament in your hair is responsible for hair growth, so you should consume foods rich in protein if you want to properly grow a beard longer. 

Moreover, it is good to eat foods that are rich in vitamins. In order to consume more vitamins, you need to eat more vegetables. 

Besides being packed with minerals and vitamins, these vegetables are also rich in fiber, vitamins, and antioxidants. 

In your diet, you should also include foods such as eggs, nuts, and salad. By consuming these foods, you will have a thicker and longer beard.

5. Wash and Shampoo your Beard Regularly

Have you ever thought about how good it is to use a natural shampoo and conditioner on your hair? Your beard is no different. 

Using a beard-specific shampoo is very important if you are trying to grow a thicker, longer beard. 

Hair follicles on your face are dried and weakened by washing with regular soap and shampoo. This gives your beard an unhealthy finish by causing split ends and breakage. 

If you choose to use our shampoo recommendation, choose Beard Shampoo by Zeus. 

If you use a high-quality shampoo periodically, your facial hair will grow thicker and fuller.

6. Don’t be Impatient

It takes patience to grow a beard. 

In fact, growing out a thick, long beard takes an enormous amount of patience, enough control to refrain from trimming, and a completely different regimen of beard care. 

Approximately half an inch of facial hair grows each month, and nearly everyone experiences a period of time when their beard doesn’t grow at all. 

In such a case, don’t stress about it, just accept it as it comes. 

On the other hand, there will be times when it appears to grow more inches every month. Be grateful for those times, and resist getting discouraged in the others.

7. See Where you Stand

Keep track of how your beard is progressing every month by either taking a photo or measuring in the same shirt every time. 

This is the most effective way to track your progress. 

Gradually, you’ll learn about growth patterns and how your beard responds to certain seasons. 

Knowing this can help you to worry less when you think it’s not growing. The process of growing a beard longer is no sprint, but a marathon, and there is no overnight success story. 

Taking care of your beard and spending time on it will ensure that your beard grows longer as well as it can. 

Feel confident you can figure out how to grow a beard longer? Hopefully, our seven tips above proved helpful to you.

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