Faster Facial Hair Growth: Grow a Beard Properly in 2021

Faster Facial Hair Growth: How to Grow a Beard Properly in 2021

Do you want faster facial hair growth? Or do you want to grow a beard properly in 2021?

No other feature adds the feeling of masculinity to a man’s appearance like a well-groomed beard. 

However, the way in which a beard can grow properly is surrounded by many false facts.

As we proceed, we’ll show you simple, easy-to-implement tips for growing a healthy and well-groomed beard.

Since the turn of the century, beards have made a big comeback, and the number of men with beards keeps growing. 

It’s possible that you’ve tried to grow a beard yourself, but it didn’t grow well or fast. 

It is a sad fact that there is no magic formula for making your facial hair grow faster or thicker properly.

If it isn’t in the genes, it won’t happen. 

Facial hair growth patterns are determined by DNA, just like hair color. Your hair will not magically turn into a different color, nor will you sprout a beard instantly.

Unfortunately, that’s the way things are. 

Nevertheless, you can do a few things to get a faster facial hair growth and promote healthy beards which will help you give it that nice, elegant look you’re going for and will result in a more attractive beard. 

By doing so, you’re maximizing the potential for your body to produce more facial hair. 

You may be living with habits that prevent your beard from growing, so follow these tips to make sure you end up with the beard you deserve. 

How to Grow a Beard Properly and Achieve Faster Facial Hair Growth

1. Down the Razor.

Faster Facial Hair Growth

In the world of men, there are a lot of people who claim that they cannot grow beards due to genetics or the use of products that promise to help men grow thick beards. 

The claim is false and it is a scam.

After puberty, all you have to do is stop shaving for about four to six months to grow a beard properly. 

Because your facial hair is patchy and you think you’ll grow it back thicker if you shave halfway. 

Hey, buddy! It’s not worth shaving off halfway. 

Shaving it halfway is like spending all your money halfway through your life thinking that you can save more later. 

Allow it to grow when it’s patchy and don’t worry about the appearance.

2. Eat Right, Get Enough Sleep, and Exercise Regularly 

The state of your health and well-being are factors that promote faster facial hair growth. 

A large percentage of your hair growth happens overnight when cellular activity is at its highest. 

Unless you rest and recharge properly, you’ll not grow your beard the way you should.

In addition, not getting enough rest decreases blood flow, which means hair follicles receive fewer nutrients. 

A lack of nutrients leads to deteriorating health and slow facial hair growth. The best way to grow a beard properly is to get 7-8 hours of sleep each night. 

Besides getting plenty of sleep, you’ll be able to develop, maintain, and grow your beard properly by following a healthy diet and exercising routine. 

When you take care of your physical health, your hair will receive a higher flow of blood and nutrients. As well as promoting hair growth, this can boost testosterone. 

In general, testosterone gets you faster facial hair growth and makes it grow thicker.  

If your testosterone levels are high, it’s true that you might see a slight increase in facial hair growth, which will make your beard thicker and less patchy, but if you have a naturally hairless chin, it won’t give you a beard fit like that of Braun Strowman…(Just Kidding) 

3. Beardstyles and Face Shapes Matter.

You need to know your face shape before you choose the right beard style, so this will require some research on your part. 

Depending on your face shape, there are certain styles that are best suited. 

In about a month, it will be evident if your beard will be patchy and disorganized or thick and filling. 

Beards that are patchy and disorganized should be kept shorter. It’s better if it’s thicker since there are more options available.

It is generally recommended that men with oval faces keep their beards short to prevent their faces from appearing too wide. 

On the other hand, long beards on the sides are better for elongating a triangle-shaped face and give the jawline a more defined appearance. 

Beard growth should be a gradual process, so don’t rush it. It doesn’t make sense to shave your beard off to try out a style that was not going to suit your face shape.

4. Wait Patiently.

When you get the shape of your face right and know the style of beard that will look good on you, you will have a faster rate of facial hair growth.

It’s just a matter of being patient. 

Every person’s facial hair grows at different rates, thicknesses, and locations (on the whole face or just under the chin). This is something you cannot change. 

In general, most men can pull off some style of facial hair with a little patience (and sometimes a lot). 

It might just be a light goatee for some, while it might be a full beard for others. 

Whatever style you choose or opt for, reaching your goal may take a month or it might take a year, so be patient. 

It’s really tough to grow a beard properly for the first time, so you shouldn’t try to touch it for a couple of weeks. 

It’s possible that it’ll be itchy and uneven, but if so, no big deal. This will probably pass after a while. 

Make sure not to believe the myth that shaving often will encourage it to grow back faster than normal. 

There’s been no truth to that myth for years, so if you still believe it, you’re wasting your time. 

5. Care for the Skin Beneath 

When the skin underneath your beard is well taken care of, your beard will grow beautifully.

Men tend not to associate with skincare products, so strive to cleanse and exfoliate your skin twice a week, then moisturize regularly. 

Furthermore, taking care of the skin underneath your beard will promote faster facial hair growth while improving your complexion!

In the world of beards, cleanliness equals beardliness.

6. Styling and Maintaining Your Beard. 

When your beard is fully matured, you will resemble a primitive caveman. Here, the style and maintenance of elegant looks are involved. 

If you want to do proper styling for your beard, it’s advisable to set aside about an hour or so for your first session. 

You should maintain a regular beard grooming routine by washing it three times a week, applying beard oil after you shower, cleaning up any long lanky hairs, trimming it two to three times a week, and brushing and shaping the beard daily.

Beard grooming equipment includes a beard brush, oil, balm, trimmer, comb, scissors, and beard shaper. 

Our Beard Care selection includes most of the items listed above which can be found on our beard deals page. 

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